Michael Partis
Angel Farias
Account Manager
Donya Quhshi
Strategy Assistant


In Memory Of Our Beloved Colleague,
Gabriel Farias 


Dear Community and Partners,

We are saddened to share that our colleague Gabriel Farias tragically died on Monday September 19th. Earlier that day, he was involved in a fatal car accident on the Garden State Parkway.

This unexpected loss is painful and somber. Since 2018, Gabriel has been a part of the BCDI staff. As a key member of our BronXchange team, he was responsible for supporting Bronx business owners and engaging economic development partners. With great determination and perseverance, Gabriel served as an excellent strategic thinker and relationship builder. He did all of this not just for our organization, but really for The Bronx.

It is that integrity and ambition which made Gabriel special to us and all those he interacted with. More than his work, we will remember and miss the character and positivity he brought to all of us.

Arrangements are still being made for honoring and memorializing Gabriel’s life. Any announcements will be made soon, after consulting with his family and loved ones. For now, we will continue to keep everyone informed, but also ask for grace and patience as both his family and our community are dealing with this tragedy.



Michael Partis,

Executive Director


Wendoly Marte,

Board Chair